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Guide to the Resource Pack on HIV/AIDS Strategic Planning,
Operational Planning, and Costing

Folder 3 - National strategies and plans
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3.1 Botswana  National Strategic Framework for HIV AIDS 2003-2009  PDF  Government of Botswana (2003) 
3.2 Lesotho  National AIDS Strategic Plan 2000/2001-2003/2004  PDF  Government of Lesotho (2000) 
3.3 Malawi  National Strategic Framework 2000-2004  PDF  Government of Malawi (2000) 
3.4 Mozambique  Plano Estratégico Nacional De Combate Ao HIV/SIDA 2005-2009  PDF  Government of Mozambique (2004) 
3.5 Namibia  National Strategic Plan on HIVAIDS 1999-2004  PDF  Government of Namibia (1999) 
3.6 South Africa  HIV and AIDS and STI Plan for South Africa 2007-2011
3.6.1 Broad Framework for HIV and AIDS and STI Strategic Plan for South Africa 2007-2011 
PDF  Government of South Africa (2007. 2006) 
3.7 Swaziland  The Second National Multisectoral HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan 2006-2008
3.7.1 Swaziland The National Multisectoral Action Plan For HIV and AIDS 2006/2007 
PDF  Government of Swaziland (2006) 
3.8 Tanzania  National Multi-Sectoral Strategic Framework On HIV/AIDS 2003 -2007  PDF  Government of Tanzania (2004) 
3.9 Zambia  National HIV and AIDS Strategic Framework 2006-2010  PDF Government of Zambia (2007) 
3.10 Zimbabwe  National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan 2006-2010  PDF Government of Zimbabwe -2006